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RCS News® is a state-of-the-art radio newsroom system, providing solutions for your entire news operation from newscast gathering, writing and editing to actual on-air broadcast and story archiving.

This comprehensive, standalone newsroom software enables reporters to: receive and revise wire copy from a variety of sources, digitally record, edit and playback audio write newscasts and present live on the air.

With RCS News there is no downtime in learning new software. Journalists personalize the application to match their existing workflow including layout, keystrokes, toolbars, libraries and audio editors.

Organize your newsroom to best match your journalist workflow. Arrange wires, libraries, archives and organizational structure which matches your newsroom's organizational structure. This increases journalist speed and story-creation productivity, thus improving workplace efficiency.

Scaleable from giant to tiny newsrooms

Because all radio news departments have different needs, RCS News is completely scalable from large network news operations to single station news bureau, RCS News can be configured to adapt perfectly for any of these environments:

  • Network news: Server-based system creating and serving all newscasts simultaneously to affiliates as a typical network "one to many" scenario.

  • Hub and spoke news operation: Enterprise-wide deployment for sharing stories, audio and complete reports among multiple stations, cities, regions, or countries.

  • The Outpost: stand-alone, single-operator system for one newsroom, one station or one journalist.

Whether you're writing your own newscast for the top of the next hour, or editing and stacking stories and audio for an upcoming broadcast, RCS News is flexible enough to handle those extremes and everything in between.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for RCS News users worldwide.

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  • News wires

    • Keep updated with automatic news alerts on any subject as they happen
    • Sort and customize wire stories dynamically for easy categorization
    • View newswires from all sources
  • News delivery methods

    • Deliver live news or insert recorded news into any studio automation system
    • Send completed newscasts to one or many Web Sites
  • Audio

    • Record audio streams 24/7
    • Edit audio with Audio Editor included, or use any 3rd party editor
  • Story management

    • Edit scripts or change story sequence during live broadcasts
    • Playback directly from story screen
    • Change look and feel of the screens from reporter to reporter
  • Communication between systems

    • Time newscasts based on each reporters' reading speed
    • Transfer stories, audio or completed rundowns between RCS News systems in different locations
  • Languages

    • Switch from English to any other language without re-starting
    • Run multiple languages from one newsroom simultaneously
    • Support for multiple-language data capture
  • Security

    • Restrict access with multiple security levels for each user
    • Automatic notification or restriction of other users accessing the same story or rundown

Technical Requirements

  • Operating System - Windows 10 (Pro version), Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8.1, Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit) or Server 2008 64-bit R2, Server 2012. Home Basic and Starter OS editions are not supported.
  • SQL version: 2008 , 2008 R2 (64 bit) or 2012. SQL Express version is acceptable for small newsrooms.
  • CPU – 3 GHz or faster recommended
  • RAM - 4GB min for small sites. 16GB for larger newsrooms.
  • SQL version: 2008 , 2008 R2 (64 bit) or 2012. SQL Express version is acceptable for small newsrooms.
  • Operating System - Windows 10 (Pro version), Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit). Home Basic and Starter OS editions are not supported.
  • RAM - 2GB Min
  • 1Gbit networks as a minimum
  • Audio card: WASAPI or DirectSound compatible
  • Minimum Resolution: 1024x768 dpi

These are minimum requirements, so feel free to exceed them. Get as much power and free space as you can. For Internet connectivity and servers, RCS supports a Microsoft® network using TCP/IP using a brand name, server quality computer.

Please contact RCS for site specific hardware configurations if you have further questions.



What is RCS News?

A comprehensive, standalone newsroom software system, RCS News enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and revise wire copy and digitally record, edit and play back audio.

Designed for use in the newsroom, in the on-air studio and in the field, RCS News is completely scalable to fulfill your newsroom requirements regardless of size. This can include an enterprise-wide deployment, a server-based system serving all reporters simultaneously, or just a simple standalone system for a single user.

Whether you're writing your own newscasts for top-of-the-hour broadcast or stacking stories and audio for your show, RCS News has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Are other news operations already using it?

There are over 100 news operations using the software worldwide.

What size news department is best for RCS News software?

RCS News is flexible enough to fit any size news department. RCS News can be run on a single PC for a bureau office or small newsroom, or can scale up to a full server-based system serving large newsrooms.

Ease of use

How portable is RCS News? Can our reporters use it in the field?

RCS News will run extremely well with full functionality on any standard laptop or PC running Microsoft® Windows XP and VISTA. It was specifically designed for field and on-location reporting scenarios as well as for intensive use in any newsroom operation. For more details, see the Technical Requirements page.

We're currently using other newsroom software. Can we import our text and audio archives into RCS News?

Yes, this can be accomplished quickly. Please contact Support for assistance.

Resources handling and capabilities

Can I ingest wire services directly into RCS News?

Yes – wire feeds can be imported via satellite delivered, IP-delivered, FTP delivered and RSS.

How can I organize my incoming wire services?

With RCS News it's easy to organize all your wire feeds by creating custom categories and sub-categories. You control how long the wires stay in the database and the amount of time each category will display for the wires. You can also sort data by type or by headline or many other available criteria.

Is there a maximum number of wire feeds RCS News can accommodate?


Can we pre-record network feeds for playback in another daypart?

Yes. RCS News' automation feature lets you set up and execute time-based schedules for recording feeds directly into the system.

How many different news-related tasks can my writers be working on at once within RCS News?

There is no limit in the software. You are limited only by the resources of your computer and the momentum of your News Director.

Will RCS News integrate with my station's digital automation system?

Currently RCS News has full integration with RCS Master Control automation as well as bi-directional communication with NexGen Digital automation system.

Text editing

How about the word processing features inside RCS News, for example, what are its spell checking capabilities?

There is a built-in Rich Text Format (RTF) editor in RCS News, allowing basic font changes (bold, italic, underline, etc.), and type resizing. Spell checking is included. Multiple languages are also supported.

What about multiple language support?

RCS News can be translated into any language.

How many stories-in-progress can one person be writing simultaneously?

A writer can be working on an unlimited number of stories at the same time.

Can I share my stories with other writers? How can I see what they are writing?

The system administrator's security settings determine if stories can be shared among journalists. Users receive real-time information on who is viewing or editing the same story.

On the air

How close to air time can I make changes in my newscast?

Incredibly close. In fact, you can even make changes in upcoming stories of a newscast while it is in progress! This can be done by either the anchor in the studio or even by an editor or copywriter in the newsroom.

How does the teleprompter of RCS News work?

The teleprompter scrolls the text of the story based on the reader's predetermined read speed. They can customize their color and font preferences on the teleprompter screen. Actualities can be played directly from the teleprompter's cart deck.

In the teleprompter, how do we accommodate for variances in read speed from one announcer to another?

This easy-to-use feature adjusts and compensates for differences in read rates by various announcers, great for dual-anchored newscasts.

Audio recording, editing, and playback

Is there a fast way to start recording unexpected calls to/from newsmakers?

Yes – the Quick Record button will automatically launch your audio editor allowing you to immediately begin recording to a pre-determined location in the system.

Can RCS News edit audio?

RCS News not only includes a sophisticated editor of its own, but it integrates with most 3rd party audio editors – either choice offering easy audio editing from within the application.

What are the media formats supported by RCS News?

Audio saved as MP2, MP3 or .WAV (PCM) files can all be imported directly into RCS News, and exported as any of these files as well.

Post-production of newscasts

Can I send my recorded newscast to my station's digital automation system?

RCS News will currently allow sending newscasts to RCS Master Control and NexGen Digital Automation System.

How can I share my stories, actualities or reports among other stations?

You can send stories, actualities and rundowns directly from one RCS News station to another via a WAN connection.

Our all-news station posts stories on our Web site. Can this be handled by RCS News?

Yes – RCS News makes Web publishing of news stories fast and easy. The audio can be pushed in any of a number of popular formats and the text via RTF (Rich Text Format). An XML file is created for easy parsing and data management on your Web site.

Breaking news alerts, bulletins, and fail-safes

Can RCS News receive automatic news alerts?

If the news alerts are delivered via Serial or IP data then RCS News receives them automatically.

How are story archives organized and where are they located?

You can organize archives in the Story Library, or back up to another location like a local folder, mapped drive, or removable media for easy retrieval later.

Can the entire RCS News system be backed up and later restored?

Yes – all of the text data within the system can be backed up from inside RCS News. Audio files should be backed up separately using any storage configuration.

Story research and development

Is RCS News suitable for long-form, feature-length news programs?

Yes – the Rundown function in RCS News lets you build full feature-length news programs using either the story screen or the teleprompter.

RCS News: An Innovative Newsroom System