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Digital Radio Automation Designed by Radio

RCS delivers the most advanced digital radio automation system: Zetta®. Being the world's largest broadcast radio software company for more than 30 years, RCS has the experience and knowledge that creates an advantage for you. With decades of real in-studio usage, we've learned what a user really needs in radio playout systems and automation. That is what helped the designers of Zetta.

Zetta is more advanced, so you will easily be able to get updates. Zetta is extremely reliable, so you will stay on the air. Zetta is comfortably intuitive and conveniently flexible, so you spend less time learning it and more time using it.

Zetta's new sleek design has been simplified, streamlined and setup so that new users can customize and save their layouts. Interface design and floating module options give complete control of the look, feel, and functionality to the user Talent loves Zetta and Zetta loves to broadcast.

RCS products share the same DNA, which means you don't have to worry about integration. Our software programs talk to each other, or you might say, they sing in harmony. Zetta seamlessly integrates with your music scheduler GSelector, RCS News, and our traffic system, Aquira.

And with our legendary support department, we have people in every time zone to help you solve your day to day problems. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 worldwide.

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Zetta2GO Mobile Playout Management

Zetta2GO is a suite of applications that lets you control your Zetta Automation/Playout from a smart phone or tablet. You can control what's on the air from any place with an Internet connection. Fire off Hot Keys® or rework your log. Zetta2GO saves changes into the automation system's library and gives you more flexibility than ever before. When you're on the go, you'll love Zetta2GO.

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  • General

    • Stability
    • Effortless integration
    • A shorter learning curve
    • Ease of use
    • Smaller mistake ratios
    • Scalable multi-station application
  • Audio

    • Audio levels can be auto-normalized on audio import
    • Trim-in, trim-out, segue and intro can be automatically set during import
    • Marking tool adds or changes: trim-in, intro positions, segue (cross-fade), trim-out and volume points
    • Users can drag content into blank logs in Zetta, use Zetta clocks as log templates, load flat ASCII files or use live integration with GSelector4
    • Segue Tool so users can override the trim-in, cross-fade and volume points for log events
    • User can audition any asset anywhere in the system (library, logs etc.)
    • Media file import can use embedded tags in the audio file to populate title and artist fields
    • Use a third party audio editor with seamless integration.
  • Integration

    • Live synchronization of songs, links and logs with GSelector4
    • Full GSelector4 Integration web service
    • AutoPost settings are respected, either from GSelector4, from log as a chain type or from library link attribute
  • User Interface

    • Bright progress bar displays intros separately in yellow color and then the regular progress bar displays the songs progress in green, with red warning color at the end of the event.
    • Display for streams can be defined
    • New – Stack player - Stacks can be created, named, saved or deleted for mini-program construction.
  • Technologies

    • Supports loading XML DATs
    • An External, third-party, editing application can be launched from Zetta
  • Operational

    • The Metadata for each element can be launched from log by double-clicking on event
    • Media Library displays the last sync date-time in Tool Tip of GSelector4 button
    • Progress bars shows status of loading audio to library and item count after loading is completed
    • Count up/down control can be toggled to display either total length of item, or elapsed time and total time of item, or just countdown
    • Links or spots marked as live or external will be skipped
    • Gap and Target Times displayed when an Exact Time Marker (ETM) is present in the log

Technical Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB or higher recommended
  • Audio card: WASAPI or DirectSound or ASIO compatible
  • Minimum Resolution: 1024x768 dpi

Software Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1. and Windows 10 (Pro version), Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported, but to fully utilize memory capacity, a 64-bit OS is highly recommended.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition will be installed if a SQL instance is not available; Express edition is only suitable for smaller sites.


Do I need a new PC to run Zetta?

Any computer that meets the minimum technical specifications will be able to run Zetta, but for larger installations with multiple workstations, please consult with your RCS installer for more information.

If I purchase Zetta, will it work with my Selector scheduler?

Yes, Zetta works well with GSelector, RCS News and Aquira our traffic system. No one else offers this complete system integration. You will be able to reconcile logs and experience a seamless integration.

How long will Zetta take to get operational in my station?

Our team of installation specialists and 24/7 support experts will work with you every step of the way to help you get Zetta up and running quickly. We will meet your deadline assuming you have the hardware in house.

How does Zetta compare to Master Control or NexGen Digital?

Both NexGen and Master Control have been strong systems for RCS and we will continue to sell and service the software. Zetta is an entirely new platform based on new technologies and software languages. The principles of good software design have been part of the development of Zetta. Pulling the best ideas of both systems was the foundation of the project.

What audio cards work with Zetta?

An off the shelf Soundblaster or DirectX Module Audio Device will work with Zetta and for those who demand more advanced cards, we support AudioScience or Axia technologies.

I run an Internet station, is Zetta a logical choice to run this?

Zetta can run a single station (like your Internet operation) or multi-channel set-up to a complete network of stations.

How much of Zetta's look is customizable?

Font colors are changeable with log-in credentials to the system. We are developing more skin options for Zetta and these will be available in the near future.

What support is there for Zetta?

We offer 24/7/365 support for Zetta across the globe.

Can I run more than one station from Zetta?

Yes, Zetta has been designed as the ultimate multi-station automation system. You can set up as many stations as your hardware and servers will permit.

What does it mean that Zetta is flexible?

One of the ways is that the program lets you open modules for each station, or all the modules needed to run your station on one desktop.

Do you provide a way to save the way each jock or board operator wants their desktop?

Yes, Zetta lets you arrange, name and save the desktop layout, so when a new jock comes on duty, they are ready to go with a click of the mouse.

What audio file formats are supported by Zetta?

WAV, MPEG-1 Layer II (MP2) and MP3 files natively and in any mix.

Will GSelector4 get updates of any changes made in the studio?

Yes. Zetta and GSelector4 are always connected and a change to the schedule or a song in either system will be seen by all users.

Can I run multiple stations from a single Zetta database?

Yes. Zetta has the same kind of unique data structure as GSelector4, allowing many stations to share the same database.

Zetta: Advanced Radio Automation